Available in 2300cc and 2500cc displacements, our new crate engine 
      is a state of the art power plant developed for ministock classes.
         Engines come dyno tested less manifolds and distributor.
          Engines include:
            • Esslinger Aluminum D-port head (click here)
             • High-Lift roller valve train
              • Esslinger 5.7 Performance Series long rod kit (click here)
               •  Esslinger billet  Aluminum adjustable cam pulley, aluminum aux.
                    pulley, billet belt tensioner, 7" Aluminum water pump pulley,
                     underdrive Aluminum power pulley
                   • Esslinger billet Aluminum water pump
                    • Cast Aluminum rocker cover w/ rear breather
                     • Performance 5 1/2 quart oil pan w/ scraper
                     •  Billet Chromoly indermediate(auxillary) shaft
                     • Esslinger circle track windage tray